Secondary School

CBSE Affiliated Secondary School In Hadapsar Pune (Grade 6 to 10)

Secondary school offers education after primary school. Clara’s secondary school in Hadapsar is the best CBSE board in Maharashtra. Children from class 6 to class 10 belong to secondary school. These years in your secondary school offers great training and learning for your high school. The experience at our school will be a once in a lifetime opportunity where you will learn, make friends that last forever and work as a team.

Secondary school is a stepping stone to understanding likes and dislikes of subjects and prepares you to get into the basics of figuring out which subject you want to master at. With a comprehensive curriculum – Clara aims to give your child an experience with enriched learning. At this stage students are not considered as a young one anymore. They want to be treated as adults and give responsibilities accordingly.

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Why Choose Our Secondary School?

Our school goes way beyond just academics. We are on the journey to prepare our students to be future leaders, or entrepreneurs. We contribute in

    • Social Knowledge
    • Intellectual Knowledge
    • Cultural knowledge
    • Financial responsibilities
    • Sustainable living practices for the community
    • Tech knowledge

Watch Video of Parent Testimonial

We are very excited for parents to know all about what their child is getting into. Sharing real life experiences only makes it better for others to know what Clara is all about and why their child should be associated with us.

Looking CBSE Secondary School in Hadapsar, Pune?

With great education comes great responsibilities. Enter the journey for your child to become a great leader with our CBSE secondary school – Clara. All the parents who wish to know the fee structure, and other important information can simply click on the link.